3D Folding Panel in CSS and jQueryWednesday, May 13th, 2015

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A secondary content panel that folds flat, powered by CSS Transformations and jQuery.

3D fold effects are pretty popular nowadays, mostly because they have been integrated quite often in mobile apps. A beautiful example is the iOS Peek Calendar app. Thanks to CSS3 transformation and transitions, we can create a similar interaction in the browser!

Sometimes these 3D effects feel too strong, unnecessary. It’s a point I can’t argue with. However, there will be cases when you need to load content, a process that requires time (even if it’s just half a second). In these cases an animation can be a nice way to replace a loading bar, or a loading gif. Besides, with the growth of native apps built on top of web frameworks, learning how to create complex CSS transformations is an ace up your sleeve 😉

Source: 3D Folding Panel in CSS and jQuery

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